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There is nothing like the thrill of taking a trip with your girls. I mean we are all survivors and are still together because the bond we all share can’t be broken by the challenges we have overcome.

So yes! A girl’s trip is a must must must!!

I have been going on holidays with my girls for 5 consecutive years (Apart from 2017 when I brought my bundle of joy into this world), so I can say with confidence that I know how you can have a girls holiday and still come out with fun memories, a stronger bond, self-discovery and a bank account on the green side.

So draw closer and I will reveal 9 tips you should consider when you are choosing a location for your girls holiday trip

  1. I don’t know about you but my girls and I love a good treat. Whenever we are planning a trip, a good array of restaurant choices to select from is a must. Trust me, a little indulging won’t ruin your diet goals.
  2. Now talking about accommodation, Airbnb helps us save, and we also have a lot of options to choose from. Sure, we have had a stint at a luxury hotel in Dubai; the Jacuzzi, champagne and spa were all worth it but we planned that trip in advance and you can do same too.
  3. “Hello my name is Joy and I am addicted to Beaches” J . I am a beach addict and wherever I plan to go on a trip there has to be a beach but there is a catch to it, the beach has to be close to a city. This way I get the best of both without having to pay so much on extra accommodation and transportation.
  4. Nothing beats good and affordable transportation. To effectively pull this off, we usually rent a hotel with close proximity to all the touch points we have on our holiday plan.
  5. Back to gourmet, we also make sure the restaurant is close to our accommodation.
  6. Finally before you pick your destination, please thorough research is in line. Consider security, common scams if any prevalent in the area and always make sure the activities you have lined up is something you and your girls will love to do.


My Top Five Destinations 


  • Zanzibar: The sounds of the waves beating softly on the white sandy beach, the many culinary adventures for your taste, the rich heritage, upbeat nightlife; Zanzibar is just beautiful. Click Here
  • Mauritius: My love for a beach outing is evident with this choice too and what you can do in Mauritius is more than any fun list you can make. The good news is that you don’t need a Visa, Nigerians get a 14 day Visa-free stay, YEAH! Click Here
  • Maldives: One of the purest white sandy beaches are in the Maldives. It is an island paradise, great and affordable resorts, friendly people and a trendy nightlife for the party lover. Click Here
  • Dubai: Why is Dubai on my list? Well, it’s easy to get there, affordable, fun and there are amazing packages put together I have used over and over again. Click Here
  • Johannesburg: The city of Gold. You can get it all here, shopping, outdoor adventure, classy dinning and so much more. I always go with an extra empty suitcase . . . you can guess why. *wink.

So, there is never a better time to start planning than now. Share the idea with your girls and get planning. Have fun!


Joy  Inetianbor

Travel Enthusiast and a guest writer.
Happily married with 3 children, Lagos Nigeria.


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