Have you ever been cramped up in an airplane seat for more than 6 hours?

The crowded space, loud noise and lights make sleeping an unattainable goal. If the purpose of your trip is business or pleasure, playing catch up with sleep is not a game you’d find interesting. The best and easiest way to sleep comfortably will be to book a first class or a business class ticket…once your pocket can take the HEAT!

If not, here are a few steps you can follow to ensure you have a considerable amount of good sleep.

Invest in Ear Plugs, a Sleep Mask and a Travel Pillow: These tools will help block out noise, lights and aid blood circulation. The ear plugs will take care of surrounding noise so you can concentrate on sleeping. The sleep mask will block out any light that might keep you awake. Always turn off gadgets such as the inflight TV screen, laptops and phones. The neck pillow supports your neck and helps you avoid positions that will cause neck pain.

Choose your seat wisely: With a window seat, you can lean and rest your head against the side of the plane. It is a lot easier falling asleep this way than sitting straight with a neck pillow. It also allows you control light exposure. One of the best ways to guarantee you can pick your seat is by building status with a particular airline.

Try the Vertical Bed Hack: Two pillows are needed for this. Tightly roll the first one up and place it behind you, underneath your shoulder blades. This relieves the pressure that can build up during a flight. Next, fold the headrest flaps inward. This keeps your head from rolling back and forth. Finally, fold the second pillow in half and place it on one of your shoulders (it will act as a head rest when you fall asleep).

Wear warm socks: Inactivity and constant air circulation makes the airplane cabin a tundra capsule. This makes your extremely cold and cause sleeplessness. To hack your circulatory system and allow for good blood circulation, wear warm socks. It will also keep a chill from waking you up.

Don’t cross your legs: Anytime you cross your legs, you clamp down on one side and restrict blood flow. Restricting blood flow can cause sleeplessness, lower back pain and increase your chances of a blood clot. A more appropriate sitting position would be to keep your legs straight and slightly bent at your knees. It will prevent blood pooling in the lower part of your body.

Have you experienced difficulty in sleeping comfortably on a plane? How did you manage it?

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