Many people find themselves experiencing holiday blues after they’ve just come back from a seemingly great vacation. Some other terms for this are called ‘post vacation’ or ‘post-travel depression’.  It can be hard to get back into your normal work and daily life routine after an amazing time away. However difficult it may seem to get back to your usual self again, you can beat the holiday blues with a little optimism, reflecting and self-care.

Have a few days to acclimate

Returning from a vacation and going straight back to work or school can have an effect on you.

Plus, you may be feeling a little jetlagged as well. Schedule your trip home with a few days to yourself so that you can ease your way back into your regular routine, get enough sleep and adjust to your time zone.

One great way to adjust to your daily routine is for example: if you start work on Monday morning, don’t come back from your vacation on a Sunday night, instead, come back on a Thursday or Friday.

Change the way you see holidays

Changing the way you see holidays can be difficult but with a lot of practise you can do it. Look at your trips abroad as great life experiences that not everyone is fortunate to have.

Also, remember that travelling makes good memories, memories that you’re able to recreate by going again.

Have regular getaways

Going on frequent getaways is not only a great way to keep you buzzing with energy, it can also stop you from feeling blue. You could also look at it as a treat for yourself at the end of the month. If you work in an office or have a 9-5, don’t feel as if you can’t travel as much as you like.

You can make good use of public holidays and weekends by travelling to neighbouring countries or a different city or spread out the days of your annual leave to different times of the year.

Plan your next vacation when you get back

If it hurts so much that you’re back from vacation then plan your next one as soon as you get back. Having another vacation booked can lift your spirits as well as giving you something fun to look forward to.

Just booking a flight reassures you that you will soon get to experience the joys of a vacation again. Also, when you find yourself feeling blue, think of all the things you’d like to do on your trip.


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