If you are planning to hang-out on Independence Day with your clique, we know just where you should go. See some of these destinations below and thank us later😛  


Have you ever heard of this beach? If you have, you are an explorer and we doff our hats to you! And if you haven’t? Well, you have every reason to want to spend your Independence Day here.EXCITING PLACES TO GO ON INDEPENDENCE DAY

Ilashe beach is a beautiful beach in Lagos which is surrounded by lovely palm trees and huts. 

Some of the popular activities at Ilashe beach include boat rides, Volleyball, Tennis, and a dip in its sparkling clean swimming pool.


You can’t exhaust the fun at La Campagne Tropicana! Located in Ibeju Lekki, Lagos State, La Campagne Tropicana is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Lagos. 

Some of the exciting activities to engage in at La Campagne Tropicana include fishing, hiking, aqua aerobics, beach volleyball, horse riding, kayaking, swimming and many others.


Where are the Abuja fam at? If you didn’t know, one of the most popular raves about Abuja Garden Oasis is its yummy pizza.

Abuja Green Oasis

Enjoy the serene view of the beautiful Abuja Garden Oasis, try the go-kart racing and paintballing with your friends or family – this is surely going to be a lot of fun! Experience the culinary services of Tapas on the Green and see what everyone has been talking about. Are you ready for this? Call us for more details.


Explore one of Abuja’s finest parks where fun and nature meet. Abuja Central Park is an ideal place to bond with friends and family. Some of the popular activities here include paintballing, go-kart racing, and lots of games in its ever-vibrant playground.


Located in Epe, the Epe Garden Resort’s breathtaking environment will make you want to stay extra time than you planned. If you choose to go to Epe Resorts, one thing you shouldn’t miss is its spa services…hummm…that soothing relief. You could also relax by playing board games like Chess, Scrabble, or Monopoly. Epe Resorts also has facilities like the tennis court, a basketball court, and a swimming pool for you to enjoy.

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