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Have you ever experienced the stress of dealing with travel agents any time you have to take a trip out of Nigeria?

Imagine a young father trying so hard to secure airplane tickets for a trip happening in 5 days. He has to ensure the agent secures his wife and 1 month old baby the ideal mother’s seat as well as get himself a seat beside the emergency exit because being a 6ft”3inches tall Nigerian male means leg room on a 12 hour flight is critical.

His phone rings, it’s the agent again. He whispers a silent prayer, picks his call, doesn’t wait for a hello but immediately blurts out “please tell me, you were able to get the seats I asked for on the days I asked for?

Let’s face it, traveling and the thought of it can be exciting until it is not. Booking plane tickets, making hotel reservations and planning for feeding and transportation can be a daunting task. For every request you make, there always seems to be a counter request. Your trip ends up being a trip planned by the agent, for the agent but experienced by you. You are forced to use the airlines and hotels recommended by the agent, whether you like it or not. Every time this happens, you keep asking yourself “why can’t this agent be more customer friendly? Why can’t he just give me what I want?

The issue is that too many travel agents focus more on immediate gain rather than cater to the needs of clients. For the brand loyal traveler, who wants ease and convenience, it means the agent may not be able to book your favorite airline. For the spontaneous and adventurous traveler, this means the agent may not be able to get you a good cancellation policy or your travel dates may not be as flexible as you want. For the budget-conscious traveler, this means he may NOT be able to match rock bottom prices.

But W-A-I-T! What if you could have an unbiased agent who gets you the most affordable ticket rates, with your preferred airline, great hotel and restaurant deals, no matter your destination? At Travelden, we understand that every traveler has preferences and deserves to have each one met. We are Nigeria’s topmost online travel agent, and we pride ourselves in satisfying our customers.

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