BUSINESS class flights is the new black and with not much difference from first class flights and a lot of people feeling like the same benefits for cheaper on a business class tier, people predict that first class flights may soon be a thing of the past.

You don’t have to be a business person to get on a business class flight but you do need to prepare yourself for the VIP treatment you will receive even before you board and sit on your chair! Along with smooth airport procedures, exclusive access to snazzy lounges and complimentary goodies, a business class ticket really is worth the money.

Here are some reasons why you should fly business class.


  1. You are welcomed with drinks upon arrival

On a business class flight, you get to start your journey on a good note, as you are welcomed with soft drinks to refresh you! Having a good selection of complimentary drinks to choose from automatically puts you in a good mood.


  1. You can take advantage of the additional baggage allowance

A lot of airlines offer first and business class passengers the same baggage allowance, this includes: Etihad Airways, Qatar and Emirates, just to name a few. So in this case, as a business class passenger, you’ll be getting a benefit that an upper class passenger would get for cheaper.

Having extra space to put your hand luggage on the plane and being able to fly with over 40kg worth of baggage means you can pack as many things as you need.


  1. You eat a 3-course meal and expensive wine

On a business class flight, you get the privilege of enjoying a selection of gourmet dishes that has been specially put together by celebrity chefs. You are also offered a range of fine wine as well as champagne, cocktails and cold beers.

The food on a business class flight is very different and way better than what you’d get on a standard economy flight. The food is fresh and locally sourced and even from the way it has been cooked is enough for you to be able to tell that so much effort and attention has gone into it.

Airlines which have been known to have excellent in-flight meals include: Emirates, Ethihad and Virgin Atlantic.


  1. You can continue working

Business class flights are designed in such a way that you can complete your work even on a plane.

They come with charging ports and steady tables so you can work from the comfort of your seat with out having to hold off work until you land. Business doesn’t have to stop just because you’re in the air.


  1. You get special treatment

Sometimes you get what you pay for so if you have spent your coins on booking a flight that comes with plenty of luxurious amenities, then expect a world class service to come with that too. Flight attendants go out of their way to make sure you are happy and ensure that they do everything they can to give you what you’ve paid for.



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