Visa:  Zanzibar is a semi-autonomous part of Tanzania and offers Nigerian tourists the option of getting their visas upon arrival for 50 USD. This saves you the hassle of applying for a visa prior to your trip. If you love Visa Hassle Zanzibar is certainly not for you.

Beach-Life: As an archipelagos- a cluster of islands on the Indian Ocean with close proximity to the Tanzanian Coast, the beaches in Zanzibar are stunning, clear and inviting, offering the perfect environment for a lot of water activities. This destination is definitely not for you if you don’t enjoy the sight of the sea or water activities.

Food: Zanzibar’s strategic location on the Spice trade route between Asia and Europe was key to the introduction of spices to the Island. Over time, Zanzibar has been known as Spice Islands, a name that is also associated to Maluku Islands in Indonesia and has in abundance; nutmeg, vanilla, cinnamon, cloves, green pepper etc and not forgetting exotic fruits. If you’ve got no affinity for food then Zanzibar may not appeal to you.

Affordability: Compared to other Archipelagos scattered all over the world. Zanzibar is arguably one of the most affordable options to visit. Thanks to airlines like Kenya Airways and Ethiopia Airlines which offer relatively affordable fares to Zanzibar.

History: Known as Unjuga by locals, Zanzibar is home to one of UNESCO World Heritage sites as the major town, Stone Town is known for its unique architectural designs, rich slave history.


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