Have you ever heard the myth about Nigerians being unromantic? Some believe it is because attributing the word ‘love’ with romantic gestures is a concept imported by western civilization, others say the Nigerian environment is not helping matters. Issues raised spanned from affordability to location, to creativity. The usual, ice cream, rose, movie night and dinner at a fast food spot just seems like a faster and less stressful plan but not this valentine!

If you’ve run out of ideas on what to do but you really want to give your special someone a romantic treat this valentine weekend, here are the top 5 spots you can take him or her to,

A Picnic at Ndubuisi Kanu Park (Alausa): If you prefer a serene and quiet outdoor place to hang out with ‘bae’ and you live on the mainland, then Ndubuisi Kanu Park is the place to be. There are cozy lovers’ corners where you can get lost in your lover’s arms and thoughts. You can even take a photo or 2 because it is picture friendly. Got kids? You’re covered as well because the park has got nice play rides to keep the children busy while you focus on other pressing issues.

Lufasi Nature Park: It has been described in a review as one of the best places to relax in Lagos. Rumour has it that it was designed as an urban hub where people can connect to and interact with nature in Nigeria. If you or your significant other have a love for nature and animals, then this will be your heaven on earth. Lufasi sits on 20 hectares of land at the Majek area along the Lekki-Epe Express way. You know that means a lot of hideout spots.

A weekend at Omu Resort: If you’re thinking more of a weekend getaway, but still want that soothing and relaxing feeling you get when you’re connected to nature, Omu Resort is your best option. At Omu resort, you will experience and be inspired by the wonders of nature. It also has some new attractions like Kayaking/boating, the DDT Paintball arena and a Hook & Grill Fishing arena along with a stunning Roller Skating pad. There will be so many activities to experience with bae for an unforgettable romantic weekend if you pick this.

Let’s face it, taking out time to properly plan a valentine date or weekend, especially with the demands of work and home will be colossal. There will always be something you forget or someone you won’t consider. Not because you don’t want to, but because there are so many things clamoring for your attention. Planning for such occasions is our forte and it would be an honor to put our skill to work for you. Looking for a spectacular Valentine package or would you prefer a custom made one? Click here to browse through our current valentine packages or call us directly on 0908-288-8865 with details of what you want. We also design special tour packages for destination weddings, honeymoon, birthdays or whatever the occasion is.


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