FROM its fine cigars, vintage cars and beautiful shores, to its colorful culture, home-run eateries and friendly locals, Cuba is one of the most captivating destinations in the Caribbean. 

In Havana, you can expect a lively atmosphere, busy streets with food stalls on the roadside, selling freshly cooked treats, while in Trinidad, the colonial town, you can enjoy an extravagance of countryside-living, with plenty of peace and tranquil. Cuba is the perfect location for wild partying, tasting unique cocktail mixes, enjoying a fun-filled summer vacation with your family or experiencing a blissful honeymoon getaway with your partner. It is a destination that has so much to offer in terms of experiences, culture and social fun, therefore we have listed below, reasons why you need to visit.

Because you deserve a good cocktail

Did you know that the Mojito and Daiquiri cocktail was invented in Cuba? The country even has its own world famous brand of rum called the ‘Havana Club’ and takes pride in producing one of the finest types rum in the world, which is also why the city Havana is nicknamed the ‘cocktail city’. If you happen to miss the Havana Club International Cocktail Grand Prix then make sure you head down to La Bodeguita del Medio to enjoy a few glasses of their finest concoctions. Nobody shakes things up quite like them!

Because the food is to die for

Food is a big part of Cuban culture which is why a lot of them have taken it upon themselves to run private paladares [home restaurants]which serve real authentic Afro-Cuban dishes. Home run restaurants are the norm here. Great tasting budget friendly food can be found from road side pizzerias to family run restaurants and roof top terraces with a flamin’ smoky grill to roast your meat. Expensive restaurants can be found in and around the capital, Havana, which is an option that attracts new comers. You’ll spend a fortune on food if you choose to eat like a tourist so eat like fellow Habaneros (Havana residents) instead. Also note that even though fancy eateries in the city can be pricey, they still come with that homely Cuban charm and the food is great because it tastes like your grandmother made it.

Because you need to try a Cuban cigar

Cuban cigars are famous due to them being one of the best in the market and being a long time producer of tobacco. Special care and attention goes into making each cigar and the materials it’s made from are top quality. There are a lot of counterfeit ones on the market and they don’t come by easily outside of the country which makes it so desirable. It is one of the country’s main attractions and millions of Dollars have been made from them. They’re one thing a lot of people like to taste when they visit Cuba.

Because you need to relive history

Trinidad is famously referred to as the “museum city” and was declared as a UNESCO World Heritage site due to its brilliant architectural work which you see in buildings like Museo  de  Arquitectura  and the Museo Historicio Municipal. These historical preserves which offer you a journey to the past to the times of Cuba’s colonial ruling. At this significant province you can find old sugar mills and slave barracks from a different era, palaces and magnificent Spanish colonial inspired architecture. The cobbled streets and bright colors make this Trinidad very picturesque.

Because everything feels nostalgic

You sort of get that old nostalgic vibe when you walk down some streets and look at some buildings. The decoration and architectural work, coupled with the vintage cars looks strategically dated which gives it a retro look. You almost feel like you’re in a movie from the 70s era. It’s a beautiful feeling.

Because a digital detox is easier

This is the perfect destination for a digital detox because you’ll have so many different activities to keep you busy all day. Whether it’s taking fun trips to the beach during the day, riding in a vintage car or making the most of Havana’s thriving nightlife. Many parts of the country look like scenes out of a Spanish movie and urges you to explore the streets. The brightly coloured houses give the streets a nostalgic and photogenic look and feel.

Because it’s the perfect destination for every occasion

Yes, that’s right. The beautiful beaches make it ultimate honeymoon destination, and great summer vacation choice, coupled with its family run restaurants. The country makes a good part location too. Cuba hosts an annual festival from the 18th to 27th of July in Santiago de Cuba which is arguably one of the liveliest celebrations in the city. The are cheerful crowds, wild colors, floats and festive cheer.



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